Thank you for selecting Ruta Nativa. To reserve, please select your date and activity from the calendar below.

Terms and Conditions


Credit Card will be necessary to complete your reservation. Credit card will not be charged until the day of the adventure. We can also arrange cash payment.

Cancellation Policy

Client will have until 72 hour before the adventure to cancel the reservation for full refund. If cancellation occurs after that period the total cost of the adventure will be charged to the credit card. To be fair for the rest of the participants of the adventure our team will wait 10 minutes after the scheduled departure time designated for the adventure. After those 10 minutes your reservation will be considered cancelled and your credit card will be charged for the adventure. Be on time.

Cancellation Due to Climate Conditions

If the adventure is cancelled due to climate conditions it will be refunded or rescheduled.

Physical Conditions

It is required for all participants to have an excellent physical condition. Participants will traverse through uneven and rocky terrain, walking on steep hills, standing near high cliffs and swimming in turbulent waters. If you can’t swim you cannot participate.

Health Conditions

You cannot participate in this adventure if you are extremely overweight, claustrophobic, suffer from a cardiac or respiratory conditions, epilepsy, have any weakness or medical problem with your legs, pregnant or you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you have a medical or physical condition, which makes taking part in these adventures dangerous for you, refrain from participating. We reserve the right to cancel or limit your participation based on your medical or physical condition. If the adventure cancelled due to failure to notify us of your physical or health conditions, you will be responsible for complete cost of the adventure.

Age Limit

For safety reasons, children under the age of 16 will not be allowed to participate. Young participants from the ages 16 to 20 years old need to be accompanied by their parent or guardian.  There’s no maximum age limit but all participants need to have an excellent physical condition for the adventures. Our guides will make all final decisions regarding whether they feel an individual is capable of participating in our adventures.

Equipment Restrictions

Due to the size restrictions of our harness and other vertical equipment, we are not able to accommodate person that weigh more than 280 pounds and/or have a size 45 waists or more.