About Us

Ruta Nativa is not simply a company. We are a family. For years we have been exploring the island’s diverse ecosystems. We have been involved with the conservation and protection of the island natural and cultural environment and we work directly with environmental education initiatives in schools and communities to create awareness of the importance of protecting our island geography. Our unique team is composed of biologist, ecologists, geographers, filmmakers, photographers and adventure enthusiast. All extensively trained in vertical rescue techniques, CPR and First Aid in order to make the trip as safe and enjoyable as possible. We are focused on facilitating your enjoyment of the adventure and on imparting general knowledge of the natural surroundings.


A Unique Company

  • We explore in small groups making the experiences much more personal and intimate.
  • Our fantastic teams of guides are passionate about nature and exploration.  They live for adventure and will make yours the experience of a lifetime.
  • We have designed an adventure in an exclusive location. No other companies are operating in this area giving you a sense of complete immersion in the wilderness.
  • Our company is oriented toward the education and the conservation of our natural and cultural environment. We follow the no trace principle trying to impact the natural resources as minimum as possible and in that way preserve it for future generations.
  • Our company and guides are actively involved with many environmental educational activities in schools and communities along the island. 5% of the cost of the adventure goes toward an non profit organization that works to educate and protect the northern Karst Region.